Do you want to keep looking younger? Have fine lines and wrinkles become a major concern in your life recently? Perhaps, you must be looking for an anti-aging treatment that can help you maintain the youth on your face and body. Market is flooded with unending options for anti-aging treatments. From over the counter lotions and creams to non-invasive laser surgeries, you have plenty of options to choose. However, the final choice depends upon your specific requirements and need to fix a particular area in your face or body. Here are 4 bizarre anti-aging treatments that can help you get a facelift in no time:


imgresRetinoids were a breakthrough discovery for photo aged skin. With synthetic derivatives of Vitamin A, retinoids can improve the skin discoloration, fine wrinkles and degeneration of elastic tissue by enhancing the production of naturally occurring collagen and elastic fibers. Retinoids can give you a youthful appearance, inhibit tumor growth, enhance immune system, as well as decrease inflammation. Prolonged use of retinoids can also reduce a substantial number and size of the actinic keratoses said Jason Hope.


Laser anti-aging treatments vaporize the sun-damage of the top layer of the skin, leaving it more softer, smoother and wrinkle-free. Lasers are known for their pinpoint accuracy, considered to ideal for sensitive skin. Lasers are also used for treatment of actinic keratoses. New laser technologies such as Intense Pulsed Light offer benefits like softening of lines, shallow wrinkles, removal of broken capillaries, fading of some scars, and stimulation of new collagen growth.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used to rejuvenate the skin, treat actinic keratoses and reduce wrinkles. The dermatologist will remove the top layer of the skin with mild acid solution. Based on the existing skin damage, a light, medium, or strong chemical peel is used. Once the skin heals, you get a much smoother and younger-looking outer layer forms.


Dermabrasion with eggsDermabrasion uses small and high-speed rotating metal brush to abrade the top layer of the skin. This results in smooth-out surface irregularities. It is used with long-lasting results, leading to substantial decrease of wrinkling and damages from the sun, such as pigmentation problems and scars. Healing time can take anywhere between 7 and 14 days.

Are You A Good Candidate for Anti-Aging Treatments?

If you are someone with multiple signs of aging, then consider yourself a good candidate for latest above given anti-aging treatment. Some people usually prefer opting for Botox. But this is just a temporary solution. With some knowledge and comparison, you will realize that most of the modern anti-aging treatments are more non-invasive and permanent solution to your problem.

Often it has been observed that people see fine lines on their jawline and surroundings areas, but do not what treatment to consider going for. Instead of taking corrective measures, they prefer going for traditional face-lift methods such as Botox.

If you are looking for anti aging methods to maintain youth, it is advised to have realistic expectations about results and improvements that you see after the treatment is done. Also, you should be committed to work towards the maintenance to prevent further damages.

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